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The Unemployment Insurance Division's mission is to provide economic stability to Wisconsin communities, employers and employees through innovative, efficient services which facilitate connecting job seekers with jobs. (6 days ago)

Unemployment Claims Online, Benefit Services

For more information, view our unemployment claims videos.. For help using online services or if you are truly unable to go online call the Claimant Assistance Line at 414-435-7069 during business hours. (7 days ago)

Weekly Claims

Weekly Claims . Updated : January 31st, 2019. Once a candidate is deemed eligible, he/she will have to start filing weekly claims to continue receiving benefits. The weekly claim certification is the claim that you file for a certain week for which you wish to receive unemployment benefits. As per UI rules, a calendar (4 days ago)

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The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is liable for managing and building the state?s workforce through delivering employment for youth and the disabled, as well as executing employment rights enforcement, unemployment insurance claims and worker?s compensation. (1 week ago)

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Wisconsin

Home ? How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Wisconsin. benefits offer short-term compensation to those workers meeting the eligibility requirements of Wisconsin law. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development manages its own unemployment insurance program within Federal rules. (1 week ago)

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. Simply put, when a state pays out money to those who have lost their jobs, this is known as unemployment compensation. Generally, the state doesn?t pay this out to just anybody who has voluntarily left their job; the amount provided by the states is calculated using a number of formulas for a predetermined period of (1 week ago)

How to File a Weekly Claim Online for Wisconsin

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Definition of Wisconsin

a tributary of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin; a midwestern state in north central United States

Definition of Unemployment

the state of being unemployed or not having a job