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The mention of Cupid typically conjures up images of a cherubic winged infant wielding a bow and arrow, but this wasn?t always the case. Lon (4 years ago)

St. Valentine's Day Ideas, Facts and Fun

Valentine?s Day, February 14 is the second most celebrated day in the United States, after December 25. Here are some elements that make Valentine?s Day fun and (7 days ago)

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Glens Falls and Lake George region news -- The Post-Star, serving Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties in New York. (3 days ago)

ESLvideo.com :: Daily routine (13279)

(ESL Category: listening) Daily activities Use this embed code to place the quiz on other webpages. For websites and blogs that support iframes: (6 days ago)

Fun Valentine's Day Facts for Kids

Although no one knows for sure the exact origin of Valentine?s Day it is believe that it started in the Roman Empire around 270AD under the ruling of Claudius II (4 days ago)

Are you struck by Cupid's arrow ? ? Reader's Stop

? Cupid makes the world a much more loving place. He's hard at work throughout the whole year, but his busiest day falls on Valentine's Day (1 week ago)

Cupid Dating UK

Cupid Dating Welcomes You! Welcome to the Cupid Dating Site! Cupid, our little cheeky cherub of love, would like to show you (1 week ago)

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www.flevideo.com Study French with FLE video quizzes. Sister site: flevideo.com. You are free to use the content of this website as specified here: Creative Commons (5 days ago)

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a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services