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nails Evel Knievel's three legendary jumps

succeeds in triplicating three of Evel Knievel's iconic motorcycle jumps, including one that nearly killed the late daredevil (5 months ago)

Evel Live: recreates 3 iconic Evel Knievel

In a celebration of legendary stuntman Evel Knievel, attempted and nailed three of Knievel's iconic stunts, including jumping the fountains at Caesars Palace. (5 months ago)

Lands Three Incredible Jumps To Break Evel

Will Attempt To Do What Evel Knievel Couldn't Watch And Friends In This Classic Extreme Stunt Throwdown The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Is The No-Nonsense (5 months ago)

Recreates Evel Knievel Jump (Not 1, but 3

Evel Knievel Jump ? Recreates 3 of Them, Including Caesars Palace. Evel Knievel is the ultimate icon of motorcycle stunters. His name alone ? when spelled correctly (5 months ago)

Will Attempt To Do What Evel Knievel Couldn't

The Indian motorcycle Pastrana will use is a similar V-twin model to what Knievel used to ride, except it now has about twice as much power. Compared to Pastrana?s usual dirt bike steeds, the (5 months ago)

| Nitro Circus

was born in Maryland, and by 4 years old he was already riding a one-speed motorcycle. Despite excelling in mountain biking and his studies (he graduated from high school three years early), the youngster knew motorsports were his calling from early on. (5 days ago)

Blast from the past: Motorcyclist jumps

didn?t jump the Caesars Palace fountains with a motorcycle Sunday. It was a time machine ? hitting the ramp precisely at 56 mph and sending some in the crowd all the way back (5 months ago)

hopes to clear Caesars Palace fountain in

will pay tribute to Evel Knievel on Sunday in a live show in which he'll attempt to jump more than 50 cars, 16 buses and the Caesars Palace fountain in Las Vegas. (5 months ago)