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Norwalk Come Up Short As Storm Fizzles Out

Fairfield County residents who expected to wake up to two feet of snow were probably surprised when they looked out the window Tuesday morning. What had been billed as a blizzard was expected to bring of 

Across Chicago Area | NBC Chicago

Here's a look at across the Chicago area.

from April 16-17 storm | FOX31 Denver

A spotter reported 52 inches of snow, 37 inches of which fell from Thursday to Friday nights. The updated official totals as of Friday afternoon. Allenspark: 23 inches. Antero Junction: 18 inches. Arvada: 2.5 inches. Aurora: 4.7 

and the latest AccuWeather forecast for the New York

Meteorologist Bill Evans says the blizzard warning has been lifted for most of the area. It remains in effect for Suffolk County, Long Island.

from 3/20/15 | WXedge.com

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Blizzard Of 2015 Snow Totals: Who Has The Most? CBS Boston

southern New England Tuesday. (WBZ-TV graphic). Here are the final from the National Weather Service in Boston and Rob Macedo, the SKYWARN Coordinator for the National Weather Service in Taunton.

BLOG: wrap up

That one computer model that showed the rain/snow line right through Charlotte turned out to be SPOT ON! It really nailed it. This resulted in a wide spread in snow totals from North of CLT (3-6") to South (less than 1") to about 

Battle of the ruler: from DSNY and National Weather

It's the battle of the ruler that plays out after every snowstorm on Staten Island. Thursday's snowstorm that began shortly after 4 a.m. and lasted about 14 hours resulted in a wide range of measures for total accumulation of the 

How Much Did We Get? for D.C., Md. and Va

National Weather Service meteorologist Howard Silverman said Monday evening that while snow was expected to fall throughout the night, Maryland and Washington would likely see only flurries later Tuesday morning.

How Much Did We Get?: for D.C., Md. and Va

Here are the unofficial snow totals for Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and D.C.:

Nation's First Winter Storm Warning Issued in Alaska | The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel While were generally light, it was enough to dust some of the higher peaks. All winter weather advisories and warnings have since been canceled. Strong and gusty winds were also expected to accompany the snow. (FORECAST: Anaktuvuk  (6 days ago)

Winter 2014-2015 Recap

Wxedge.com Winter has officially ended, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are done with the snow just yet! In all, Connecticut saw 20 storms this winter. In my predictions article which I wrote before the season started, I predicted numerous small storms, and (5 months ago)

How Much Did We Get?: for D.C., Md. and Va.

NBC4 Washington A National Park Service employee holds a shovel as he walks on the driveway of the White House February 17, 2015 in Washington, D.C. The first major snow storm of the season hit the Washington, D.C. area with several inches of accumulation, closing  and more » (7 months ago)

Across Connecticut

NBC Connecticut The Blizzard of 2015 dumped more than 30 inches of snow across some parts of the state. Here is a look at how much fell in many towns. Note: Not every town is mentinoned on the National Weather Service list. If you're town is not here, let us know in and more » (7 months ago)

vary widely across area as storm pushes out

WRAL.com Raleigh, N.C. ? were widely varied across central and eastern North Carolina early Thursday, with some areas seeing 6 to 8 inches and other spots seeing no accumulation at all. WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said some of the  (6 months ago)

: What's fallen versus what they predicted

NJ.com The blizzard of 2015 was expected to be historic, bringing with it potentially-record snowfalls. Even places like Atlantic City were anticipating over a foot of snow, with locations closer to New York City bracing for multiple feet. But overnight, the (7 months ago)

in all 21 N.J. counties for March storm

NJ.com With the snow largely tapering off by about 8 p.m. Thursday, the National Weather Service had lifted all winter storm warnings throughout the state. Spotters were reporting accumulations ranging from a little over two inches in Ringwood to nine in (6 months ago)

Long Island

Here are the unofficial Long Island reported by the National Weather Service for Thursday's winter storm. Note that the NWS does not report totals for all towns and measurements may have been taken several hours apart. NASSAU. More from  (6 months ago)

from April 16-17 storm

FOX31 Denver DENVER ? The Front Range was hit with a powerful spring snowstorm on Thursday that spilled into Friday. How much snow fell, according to the National Weather Service. The winner so far for this storm was Sand Creek Park which is in Larimer County (5 months ago)

vary across N.J. as winter storm hitting north hardest

NJ.com The winter storm this Monday morning is tracking according to predictions, dropping a thick coat across the northern part of the state and delivering a wet mix to the south. The National Weather Service, relying on trained spotters, social media, and (7 months ago)

Average Annual in Colorado

Annual average snowfall at cities, towns and parks in Colorado, including how many days it snows a year and the total amount of snowfall. (2 days ago)

Average Annual in Tennessee

Annual average snowfall at cities and towns in Tennessee, including how many days it snows a year and the total amount of snowfall. (2 days ago)

for Blizzard 2015 (Juno) in NY, NJ, CT

Find the blizzard of January 2015 (Juno) in hundreds of towns across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. (2 days ago)

SNOW TOTALS: Updated from Feb. 20-Feb. 22

DENVER - How much snow did you get from the February storm? Here are reported to the National Weather Service. Arvada: 14 inches as of 6:30 (2 weeks ago)

Definition of Snowfall

precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals