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East Coast returns to work ? slowly

The storm yielded record at several locations. (1 week ago)

National Weather Service Text Product Display

National Weather Service is your source for the most complete weather forecast and weather related information on the web (5 days ago)

by ZIP Code and City | Certified Snowfall

What is Certified ? ? Certified ? (CST) is the nation's leading snow & ice verification service, preferred by both snow removal (1 week ago)

IEM :: Local Storm Report App

Local Storm Report App Help. This application allows the quick viewing of National Weather Service (NWS) issued Local Storm Reports (LSR). These LSRs are issued by (7 days ago)

DEOS Snow Conditions

About the DEOS Snow Monitoring System. Real-time snow depth measurements are provided by the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) to the State of Delaware (7 days ago)

Delaware : Jan. 7, 2017

Here are the , according to the University of Delaware's Delaware Environmental Observing System. (1 week ago)

from December 17, 2016

Snow fell across the entire state of Connecticut this morning. Many towns picked up more than 5 inches of snow. Here's a list of ! (5 days ago)

from January 7, 2017

A quick hitting storm dropped several inches of snow across Connecticut yesterday. (7 days ago)

January 24-25

A winter storm brought heavy snow to northern Iowa, with a sharp drop in amounts toward Highway 20. These are the reports that had come in Wednesday morning through (1 week ago)

Definition of Snowfall

precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals