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Plastic Surgery Before and After

plastic surgery is just one in a string of cosmetic surgeries that celebrities undergo. Being in the media industry, Sharon must have felt the (7 days ago)

No. 10

CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan shown hard at work on Sept. 20, 2006, rounds out Maxim magazine's top 10 list of "TV's Sexiest News Anchors." Logan's bold reporting from war zones (1 week ago)


, whose son, Julian, has attended two terms, said, "He became more outspoken, sociable and confident of himself.He can even sing in perfect pitch!" "My daughter and I are thrilled about the Early Childhood Music Programme," said Elizabeth Chua, an HR executive with a multinational corporation and a mother of two."She attends the Beethoven's Toddlers class and loves dancing to the (7 days ago)

Nicki Minaj Before Surgery | Celebrity Weight Loss and

Check out the following ?Nicki Minaj Before Surgery? photos! Nicki Minaj is a celebrity who has been drawn into controversy after controversy, one of which is that she has had her looks artificially altered, even though she vehemently denies such allegations. (6 days ago)

Grandchild at heart: ESM Goh Chok Tong makes waves online

One Facebook user, , said: "ESM Goh, you are so humorous! Secret to staying young forever." User Fabbie Chew commented that the photos were "so cute" and that they made her laugh. (2 months ago)

Sweta Singh Biography

Sweta Singh?s Early Life, Childhood, and Education. Sweta Singh was born on August 21, 1977. She was born in a city called Patna in the state of Bihar in India. (5 days ago)

Definition of Tay

a branch of the Tai languages