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, Proposed to Girlfriend Who Was Topless

Little did Seth Rogen know that the engagement ring he bought for Lauren Miller would end up working best as? (8 years ago)

Seth Rogen is Engaged

NEW YORK (CBS) Seth Rogen is officially off the market. The actor is engaged to girlfriend Lauren Miller, he confirmed on the first episode of "Conan" Monday night. PICTURES: Celebrity Weddings and Engagements Read More: Conan O'Brien's First Show Rogen and Miller, a writer, have been dating since (8 years ago)

To Lauren Miller | HuffPost

Seth Rogen is engaged, Life & Style reports. See Seth in 'The Green Hornet' trailer here. Life & Style's press release follows: It's a happy ending for this funnyman! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that actor and writer Seth Rogen, 28, has proposed to his longtime girlfriend, writer and actress (8 years ago)

Seth Rogen is engaged

Seth Rogen is engaged to his girlfriend of six years, Lauren Miller. The Rogen-Miller wedding should be some party! (8 years ago)

to be married to Lauren Miller | Daily

It seems the couple that slims together stays together!! Slimmed down Seth Rogen has become engaged to his long time girlfriend, writer/actress Lauren Miller. (8 years ago)

to longtime girlfriend Lauren Miller

The couple, who have been dating since 2004, reportedly became engaged last week after returning home from a trip visiting family in Boston. (2 weeks ago)

Seth Rogen is Engaged! | Glamour

Seth Rogen is hysterical, but it turns out the guy is super-serious about his ladylove of six years, Lauren Miller. In fact, the funnyman just gave her a (8 years ago)

Conan O'Brien's New Show Debut:

Conan O'Brien's New Show Debut: , Masturbating Bear, and More From the return of the Masturbating Bear to Seth Rogen's surprising engagement story, (3 weeks ago)

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