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Paula Abdul Dials 911 to Escape Boyfriend's Car | TMZ.com

Paula Abdul made a frantic and tearful 911 call during a Valentine's Day drive with a boyfriend -- repeatedly screaming, "Drop me off!" and TMZ has obtained the recording. During the call (8 years ago)

: I Wanna Go!

Paula Abdul placed a call to 911 on Valentine's Day because her boyfriend would not let her out of the car. Things are fine between them now, though. (8 years ago)

claims 'boyfriend won't let her out

Paula Abdul called 911 for help alleging that her boyfriend wouldn't let her out of his car on Valentine's Day. On the newly released tape of the call Abdul can be heard sobbing and pleading with (1 month ago)

: "I want out of this car and he won't

(CBS) - Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul made a frantic 911 call after apparently being trapped in her boyfriend's car on Valentine's Day, according to reports. "I want out of this car and (8 years ago)

Paula Abdul 911 AUDIO Released After Spat With Boyfriend

Too bad her CBS dancing show wasn?t this entertaining! All-new audio has surfaced of former American Idol judge Paula Abdul making a frantic call to 911 in which she pleads for help in trying to escape her boyfriend?s car after an apparent argument. ?I want out of this car and he won?t let me,? a sobbing Paula yelped to an emergency operator in a call made on Valentine?s Day. (8 years ago)

Paula Abdul is freaking nuts Celebslam

Since being fired from American Idol, I think the world has sorta forgotten just how crazy Paula Abdul is. Luckily she provided a friendly reminder by accusing her boyfriend of kidnapping her on Valentine?s Day (audio of her phone call to 911 on PAGE 2). From TMZ: During the call ? placed at 4 (8 years ago)

(LISTEN): Boyfriend Won?t Let Her Out

Paula Abdul and her boyfriend got into a heated argument on Valentine?s Day that was so out of control that the former American Idol star ended up calling 911.. Audio of the call was just released. (8 years ago)

Paula Abdul's Valentine's Date Ends in 911 Call | E! News

TAGS/ Paula Abdul, 911 Call. Show Comments Latest News Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's Romance Rewind: Look Back on Their Spicy Love Story 12 QVC and HSN Gifts That Will Have You Running to (8 years ago)

Paula Abdul's Valentine's Day -- Trapped in Boyfriend's

Singer/dancer Paula Abdul had a tense Valentine's Day when her boyfriend allegedly wouldn't let her out of his car. In a 911 call obtained by TMZ, Abdul is heard on February 14, screaming, "Drop (8 years ago)

Paula Abdul News | Gossip | Latest | Rumors | Interviews

: 'I Want Out Of This Car' By Amber Sterling on March 3, 2011 HOLLYWOOD, Calif. ? Paula Abdul made a frantic 911 call on Valentine's Day after getting into an argument with her boyfriend as the two drove near Santa Barbara, Calif. (2 weeks ago)

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