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Culinary & Wellness Services

Official Site of the . Culinary and Wellness Services is dedicated to students' health, wellbeing and their ability to learn. (2 days ago)


Thank you for your interest in working for . We encourage you to review and apply for our available positions by completing an online employment application. (3 days ago)

Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability (REAA)

Official Site of the . 1250 W Broadway Minneapolis, MN 55411-2533 Phone: 612.668.0570 Fax: 612.668.0575 (4 days ago)

Volunteer MPS

Official Site of the . Volunteers play an important role in (MPS). Each year, approximately 8,000 volunteers- including college students, family members, business people and community members- share their time and talents with MPS. (1 week ago)


Official Site of the . We work hard to make every school a great school. That means every classroom has an effective teacher, every school has a strong principal and every staff member shares the same high expectations for all students. (2 days ago)

Roosevelt High School

We serve our students and families with several programs of study, the IB Diploma Programme and Career-Related Certificate. This fall we will be going through authorization for the IB Middle Years Programme. (2 days ago)

Definition of Minneapolis

largest city in Minnesota located in southeastern Minnesota on the Mississippi river noted for flour mills one of the Twin Cities

Definition of Public

people in general considered as a whole; a body of people sharing some common interest not private open to or concerning the people as a whole affecting the people or community as a whole