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In the P?li Canon, the term appears in many texts such as the Kakacupama Sutta and Karaniya Metta Sutta.Other canonical materials, such as in the Pa?isambhid?magga, elaborate on it as a practice.And yet other canonical sources, such as the Abhidhamma, underline the key role of benevolence in the development of wholesome karma for better rebirths. (4 days ago)


A wood fired restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. (6 days ago)

Facets of by Sharon Salzberg

Facets of by Sharon Salzberg. A pearl goes up for auction No one has enough, so the pearl buys itself-- Rumi Love exists in itself, not relying on owning or being owned. (5 days ago)

: The Philosophy and Practice of Universal Love

The Pali word is a multi-significant term meaning loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, amity, concord, inoffensiveness and non-violence. The Pali commentators define as the strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others (parahita-parasukha-kamana (5 years ago)

Relaxation Co.

Welcome to . We are a therapeutic center offering massage, reflexology, and float therapy. (5 days ago)

Wellness ? Integrative Wellness Center

Our practitioners have been trained in multiple modalities within their fields of expertise, and they are able to customize sessions and treatment plans to fit your individual needs. (5 days ago)


WELCOME. Yoga Initiative opened its doors offering the first yoga class on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2011. Nearly seven years later, has slowly and purposefully expanded its yoga practice offerings, supported neighborhood partnerships, and worked to respond effectively to the overall physical and spiritual needs of the Near Eastside. (4 days ago)


Welcome to Clinic. METTA CLINIC is a psychotherapy and psychiatric practice in Pymble, an Upper North Shore suburb of Sydney. For more than 25 years, the Clinic has been providing professional psychological services for a wide range of conditions. (6 days ago)

World Peace

World Peace (born Ronald William Artest Jr.; November 13, 1979) is an American professional basketball coach and former player. He is currently the player development coach for the South Bay Lakers of the NBA G League.He was known as Ron Artest before legally changing his name in September 2011.. World Peace gained a reputation as one of the league's premier defenders as he won the NBA (6 days ago)

Dhana Rescue Society

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