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Oil spill

An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution.The term is usually given to marine oil spills, where oil is released into the ocean or coastal waters, but spills may also occur on land.Oil spills may be due to releases of crude oil from tankers, offshore platforms, drilling (4 days ago)


Gusher may refer to: . Blowout (well drilling) ; Fruit Gushers, fruit snacks; Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence, book by Robert Bryce (5 days ago)

Famous Gushers of California

click any picture below for a larger view . A "gusher" is an oil well that rages out of control, sending a column of oil into the sky. The British called them "spouters", and to the Russians they were "fountains". (5 days ago)

San Joaquin Valley Geology

SJV Geology explores the geology of the San Joaquin Valley of California, and the history of its oil industry. (6 days ago)

Gulf War Oil Disaster: A Brief History | CounterSpill

At the end of January 1991, reports of a huge oil spill in the Persian Gulf began to surface. Iraqi forces purposefully opened valves at the Sea Island oil terminal and dumped oil from several tankers into the Persian Gulf in a strategic wartime move against U.S. forces. (5 days ago)

Ecuador Vs. Chevron-Texaco: A Brief History | CounterSpill

After years of searching for oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Gulf Oil Corp. and Texaco Petroleum Company began major shipments of oil from the region in 1972, when the Trans-Ecuadorian pipeline was completed. Production of oil increased rapidly, on par with the country's top grossing export -- bananas.As the second largest producer of oil in South America, Ecuador soon became a member of (4 days ago)

Disastro petrolifero

Per disastri petroliferi si intendono inquinamenti ambientali causati dal rilascio di grandi quantità di petrolio nell'ambiente.. In particolare la perdita del petrolio dalle petroliere nell'oceano.Infatti il greggio ha un peso specifico minore dell'acqua, per cui inizialmente forma una pellicola impermeabile all'ossigeno sopra il pelo libero dell'acqua, causando oltre agli evidenti danni per (5 days ago)

14 ????

1970 - Expo '70 , the first World's Fair in Asia, in Osaka by Japanese Emperor Hirohito opens with the theme "Progress and Harmony".; 1972 - A Caravelle of Sterling Airways Aerospatiale plunges over Al-Fujairah from the United Arab Emirates. All 112 people on board died. 1972 - Italian publisher and former partisan Giangiacomo Feltrinelli is killed by an explosion near Segrate. (2 weeks ago)

The Largest Oil Spills in History, 1901 to Present

This map shows the largest oil spills in history (1901 to Present), from tanker accidents and drilling operations, as well as a number of other notable spills. An oil spill is a release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment due to human a (4 days ago)

1910 ? Wikipedia

Das herausragende Ereignis des Jahres 1910 ist der Sturz der Monarchie in Portugal.Der letzte König Manuel II. muss das Land verlassen. Der neu gegründeten Ersten Republik gelingt es jedoch in den nächsten Jahren nicht, Stabilität zu erlangen.. Auch in Mexiko bricht unter der Führung von Francisco Madero eine Revolution gegen den Langzeitpräsidenten Porfirio Díaz aus und in mehreren (6 days ago)

Definition of Gusher

an oil well with a strong natural flow so that pumping is not necessary