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Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Medley of "Perfect 10" Dances

Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing) & professional dancer Derek Hough had 6 dances with a perfect score of 10 from each of the three judges in the recent season (4 days ago)

Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars

Jennifer Grey performing her freestyle dance with Derek Hough to "Do you Love Me" on Dancing with the Stars

Jennifer Grey Samba On Dancing With The Stars (VIDEO)

Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough danced a super fun Samba to the sound of Erasure?s ?A Little Respect?

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough- Freestyle

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Performance On

UK Today News: Performance On Viennese Waltz Is Mesmorising Jennifer Grey, who was part of one of the greatest dance movies of all time called ?Dirty Dancing? along with late actor Patrick Swayze in 1987, performed on Dancing With The Stars last night. (2 weeks ago)

Video: Jennifer Grey Comes Out Of The Corner On Dancing

OK, I am not secretly rooting for Jennifer Grey on Dancing With The Stars, I want her to win. There, I said it. Check out the rehearsal footage and the performance above. Sigh. Hey, isn?t that Jamie Lee Curtis? ? Grey looks amazing. Yes, nose job. It?s been 25 years or so. Can we (9 years ago)

Jennifer Grey Disappointing Paso Doble On Dancing With The

Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough danced a Paso Doble to the sound of Pink?s ?So What?

Dancing with the Stars | Pure Derek Hough

Entertainment Tonight also posted this video report of Derek Hough heading to Australia soon to meet Bindi and his cutie namesake. Cath sent us a Daily Mail link earlier too that is reporting the same.

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas Freestyle Dancing With The Stars (VIDEO)

Video Link:

Dancing with the Stars

More Pre DWTS Season 28 Interviews, Hayley Erbert and Britt Stewart Dance In New District 78 ?Down? Video. You can watch some new interviews below with Kate Flannery, Hannah Brown, and Val Chmerkovskiy on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. (4 days ago)

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