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closed, New Jersey cites $1 million in savings. AP from South Florida Sun-Sentinel on the Web, February 6, 2003. TRENTON, N.J. ? Thieves couldn?t shut down Howard Stern?s rest stop, but Gov. James E. McGreevey will. (1 week ago)

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On January 26, 1995 then-New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman dedicated a rest stop along Interstate 295 in Springfield Township to Howard Stern. The honor fulfilled a promise she made during the 1993 gubernatorial race that resulted in her becoming the first female governor in Garden State (2 years ago)

Abandoned , Burlington | Roadtrippers

Abandoned is a Folk Art in Burlington. Plan your road trip to Abandoned in NJ with Roadtrippers. (2 weeks ago)


" Dedicated 1995" reads the inscription. Cost: $1,000. Source of funds: private, said the Governor's press office. It was intended as a lighthearted gesture, but reporters (2 decades ago)

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MORE WEIRD NJ: The Atco Ghost The has been closed for over a decade, but when I arrived there and checked the place out, the air conditioning unit kicked on. (1 week ago)

Closed Down

Howard Stern?s rest stop along I-295 in New Jersey is being shut down. The rest stop was named after the radio shock jock when he gave his endorsement for Christie Whitman during the 1993 (2 weeks ago)

Howard's Rest Stop Plaque Is Stolen

The "" plaque NJ Governor Christy Todd Whitman dedicated to him for his support was pilfered by three men from the Rt. 295 Burlington County rest stop only four days after it (4 weeks ago)

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Stream Stern Files Declassified: The by Howard Stern from desktop or your mobile device (7 days ago)

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along I-295 in New Jersey - named after the raunchy satellite radio host in 1995 - was allegedly closed last year (07) after state officials discovered motorists were using (1 decade ago)

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English actor of stage and screen 1943; Queen of England as the fifth wife of Henry VIII who was accused of adultery and executed 1542

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