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Volcano, Hawaii

Volcano is a census-designated place (CDP) in Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States located in the District of Puna with a small portion of the CDP in the District of Ka??. The population was 2,575 at the 2010 census, up from 2,231 at the 2000 census. (1 week ago)

Volcanoes in Hawaii | Go Hawaii

Today, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Island of Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where visitors can come face to face with an active volcano?a truly unforgettable experience. Hawaii?s main volcanoes are ?shield? volcanoes, which produce lava flows that form gently sloping, shield-like mountains. (5 days ago)

Volcano 2019: Best of Volcano, HI Tourism

The stunning white, black, green and red sand beaches and fiery lava flows near Volcano are best seen by rental car, moped or tour bus. This town adjacent to Kilauea, the youngest volcano on the Big Island, offers attractions like the enticing Volcano Winery, Thomas A. Jaggar geological and historical museum and the Cooper Center. (4 days ago)


Though the highlight is the southern lava tubes of Hawaii Island where lava often flows into the sea, you will also get to see picturesque parts of Maui, cross the Alenuihaha channel and fly over stunning coastlines and mountains on Hawaii Island. Not All Tours Will Take You to See Lava (4 days ago)


National Park and surrounding areas ? as of 5/10/2018 scientists are keeping their eyes on potential steam blasts that could send rock particles into the air; If visiting Hawaii Island, you may experience earthquakes, which the locals are accustomed to. (5 days ago)

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Historic Volcano House, perched on the rim of Kilauea caldera with a view toward Halema?uma?u crater, is the only lodging available inside the park?s mystical landscapes. When you stay at our hotel you?re signing up for an unparalleled experience. Wake up to the sunrise and the sound of rare Hawaiian songbirds. (7 days ago)

before and after pictures show lava devastation

These pictures show the devastation of the eruption one year later. These pictures show how Mount Kilauea's lava flows destroyed an estimated 700 buildings, covered roads and (3 weeks ago)

eruption: Live updates

The Kilauea volcano is the youngest and most active on the island of Hawaii, and has been erupting almost continuously since 1983, according to the US Geological Survey.It's in the Hawaii (1 year ago)

eruption: U.S. Geological Survey says plume

Spectacular and sobering view of from above. At least one person who was awake heard nothing. Epic Lava tour operator John Tarson is an early riser and said he only learned about (1 year ago)

Tours (Hilo)

Guys, which do you think is the best among Kona, Oahu, Hilo if you want to enjoy more activity aside from the Volcano Tours? I am confused. I saw 3 packages at Dynamic Hawaii Tours and I don't know which to choose. (5 days ago)

Definition of Hawaii

a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands; the largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands has several volcanic peaks

Definition of Volcano

a fissure in the earth s crust or in the surface of some other planet through which molten lava and gases erupt; a mountain formed by volcanic material