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Gil Scott-Heron

Nothing New is an album by Gil Scott-Heron of stripped down vocal and piano versions of songs from his back catalogue, recorded in New York with producer Richard Russell between 2005 and 2009. Originally released as a limited edition vinyl only LP for Record Store Day 2014, the music is now being made available digitally for the first time on April 1st 2015, in celebration of what would have (5 days ago)

Gil Scott-Heron Discography at Discogs

GIL IS FIVE STARS - I love pieces of a man. Gil was absolutely brilliant. Obviously The Revolution Will not be televised is a favorite. Gil Scott-Heron is and was amazing! (4 weeks ago)

Gil Scott-Heron, Poet and Music Pioneer, Dies at 62

Gil Scott-Heron, the poet and recording artist whose syncopated spoken style and mordant critiques of politics, racism and mass media in pieces like ?The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? made him a notable voice of black protest culture in the 1970s and an important early influence on hip-hop (4 years ago)

Gil Scott-Heron ? Wikipdia

? Gil Scott-Heron, "B" Movie Scott-Heron est écarté du label Arista Records en 1985 , et arrête d'enregistrer, bien qu'il continue de tourner. En 1993 , il signe pour TVT Records et sort Spirits , un disque contenant le morceau Message To The Messengers . La première piste est une prise de position à l'attention des rappeurs de l'époque, et contient des commentaires comme: « Four (5 days ago)

Bridges (Gil Scott-Heron album)

Bridges is an album by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson, released in the fall of 1977 on Arista Records (1 week ago)

Bitter fight over Grammy winner Gil Scott-Heron's estate

The battle over Grammy Award-winning poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron?s estate will not be televised, but the struggle over his legacy is becoming a public spectacle. (6 years ago)

Pieces of a Man

Pieces of a Man is the debut studio album of American recording artist Gil Scott-Heron, released in 1971 in stereo format on Flying Dutchman Records in the United States. It was also issued in the United Kingdom on Philips Records in 1972. Recording sessions for the album took place at RCA Studios in New York City on April 19 and 20 in 1971. The album serves as the follow-up to Scott-Heron's (5 days ago)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was a composer, musician, author and poet best known for writing and performing this spoken-word track, which made its way into the cultural lexicon. (5 days ago)

Gil Scott-Heron

Lyrics to 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' by Gil Scott-Heron. You will not be able to stay home, brother. / You will not be able to plug in, turn on and (6 days ago)

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