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5 years after rocky IPO, Facebook is stronger than ever

After Facebook went public on May 18, 2012, the IPO was often described with one word: disaster. Facebook first minutes of trading were plagued by technical glitches at the Nasdaq. Dozens of lawsuits were quickly filed over the IPO -- both for the trading errors and for Facebook allegedly (1 year ago)


Get up-to-the-second breaking news on the , including in-depth coverage, expert analysis, and Facebook?s stock price. (4 days ago)

Initial public offering of Facebook

More than 40 lawsuits were filed regarding the in the month that followed. Reuters' Alistair Barr reported that Facebook's lead underwriters, (7 days ago)

: How the company overcame the disaster | Fortune

Three years in, Facebook?s troubled IPO is a distant memory. (6 years ago)

valuation concerns

This throwback to Facebook's IPO is one reason some investors are nervous about Snapchat (1 year ago)

Since the : 5 years and $1 trillion later

Users have lost trillions in potential productivity, including $1 trillion in the U.S. and Canada since the company went public. FB has done better than a lot of tech stocks since going public. Investors who scoffed at the IPO are regretting it now. Thursday will mark a full five years since (1 year ago)

Timeline History of

Here?s a timeline of key events in the run-up to and brief history of Facebook?s life as a publicly traded company. (2 months ago)

Understanding the Drama: Why has

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In , bankers seek prestige over fees | Reuters

Facebook's initial public offering is likely to set a new standard for how low investment banks are willing to go on advisory fees to win big business. (6 years ago)

Definition of Ipo

a corporation s first offer to sell stock to the public