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What Is ?

is a very popular choice for owners of small- and medium-sized businesses who want to focus on the business, not the administrative burdens behind it. If you think employee leasing might be right for your business, Request A Consultation today! (4 days ago)

Leased Employees Definition

is a contractual arrangement in which the leasing company, also known as a professional employer organization (PEO), is the official employer. (5 days ago)

What is ? definition and meaning

Definition of : Arrangement in which a firm (called subscribing firm) transfers its employees to another firm (called leasing firm) which specializes in human resource management, payroll accounting, and risk (5 days ago)


Integrity can help you manage and grow your company. Integrity is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) serving the needs of small to midsize companies.. PEO?s are outsourcing companies that take on many of the responsibilities of your employees, allowing you more time to manage your business. (6 days ago)


Worksite is a Professional Employer Organization licensed by the State of Florida?s Department of Business and Professional Regulation and Board (License number GL201). Our simple, comprehensive service provides small business owners with an easy, trouble free solution for managing employees. (6 days ago)

| Vermont Department of Labor

is a business which by agreement and for a fee, places employees of the client company on the leasing company payroll. In turn, the leasing company ?leases? these employees back to their original employer for an unlimited time. (6 days ago)

+ PEO Professional Employer Organization

Quotes is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokerage providing the lowest workers' compensation insurance rates, payroll and HR services to companies nationwide. (6 days ago)

| Workers' Compensation Division | NH

The State of New Hampshire requires all Companies to be licensed by the NH Department of Labor. In order to become licensed, Companies must comply with the requirements of RSA 277-B and the associated New Hampshire Administrative Rules, Chapter Lab 1500. (2 weeks ago)

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The history of goes back over 30 years. What started out as in the 1980?s has evolved to the PEO Industry of today. PEO?s, Professional Employer Organizations handle Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more for thousands of businesses. (4 days ago)

Definition of Employee

a worker who is hired to perform a job