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| Dubai Racing Club

Created through the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the provides a truly global stage upon which the best horses in the world come to compete every year. (4 days ago)

Dubai Racing Club

Meydan Racecourse, home of the US $35 million card, will host its first race meeting of the 2018-19 season on Thursday, November 1, in what promises to be a highly competitive and exciting racing season.Such comprises 23 meetings, including the international Carnival, which includes 10 star-studded meetings that run from January 3 through March 9, 2019. (4 days ago)

March 30 2019 event: The horse race runs

The horse race runs. on March 30, 2019 A detailed description of one future event - Tmorra.com. (4 days ago)

Prince Bishop Victorious at the

The Dubai Racing Club racing season (from Nov 6, 2014 ? Mar 28, 2015) ended on Saturday. It concluded with the 20th , the world?s richest race meeting in prize money ($10million). (4 weeks ago)

Sheikha Al Jalila and little Zayed steal the show at the

Sheikha Al Jalila and little Zayed stole the show at the (1 week ago)

International Races

Welcome to Equibase.com, your official source for horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics as well as all other horse racing and thoroughbred racing information. Find everything you need to know about horse racing at Equibase.com. (4 weeks ago)

Jerry D. Bailey

Jerry D. Bailey (born August 29, 1957 in Dallas, Texas) is an NBC Sports thoroughbred racing analyst and a retired American Hall of Fame jockey (4 days ago)

Emirates Racing Authority

Meydan Racecourse; Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club; Jebel Ali Racecourse; Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club; Al Ain Racecourse; Jinma Lake Racecourse (3 days ago)

Definition of Dubai

port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf

Definition of World

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