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Taco Bell Thinks You're Stupid: Try The Drive-Thru Diet

Let?s use that to discuss Taco Bell?s latest swindle, the ?.? Now, after you?ve watched that, before I can even break this down to you, Taco Bell already gets it poppin? in the fine print: Drive-Thru-Diet® is not a weight-loss program. (1 week ago)

Drive-Thru Diet? | Leadership Education in Maternal

Drive-Thru Diet? Posted on February 4, 2010 by anderslj@umn.edu. With obesity rates in this country at an all time high, the food industry has responded. Many eating establishments have added healthier options to their menus, including smaller portions and a selection of lower calorie foods. However, one fast food chain has gone as far as (1 week ago)

Dr. Oz's Drive-Thru Diet | The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz?s Drive-Thru Diet Dr. Oz shares how to make the right choices when it comes to fast food. Try his suggested menu items and three ?road rules? to follow no matter where you dine. (4 weeks ago)

Drive-Thru Dieting

The words ?weight loss? and ?fast food? aren?t often used in the same sentence, but that may be changing soon. Taco Bell is promoting its new ?Drive-Thru Diet? after a 27-year-old Pensacola, Fla., woman claimed to lose weight on a diet of fast-food tacos. (9 years ago)

Taco Bell's "Drive-Thru Diet": Not a Diet and Not Exactly

After backing off explicit claims that its Drive-Thru Diet is an actual diet, Taco Bell is touting it low calorie menu as natural. But they're not quite going the distance. (9 years ago)

Taco Bell's Drive-Thru Diet

Taco Bell?s Drive-Thru Diet. It?s one thing when a restaurant like Subway comes out with a ?diet plan? (thanks to customer Jared Fogle) when the stores are stocked with fresh vegetables, whole grain breads and lean meats. It?s quite another when fast-food giant Taco Bell announces their own version. (1 month ago)

Drive-Thru Diets: Woman Loses 54 Lbs Eating Taco Bell

Just in time for New Years resolutions, there?s a new diet to ring in the New Year with. The ?Drive-Thru Diet? is being introduced by Taco Bell in a weight loss campaign with a menu that includes 7 items under 9 grams of fat, and re-emphasizes their "Fresco" burritos and tacos. (9 years ago)

Taco Bell: Making a run for weight loss?

A Drive-Thru Diet infomercial on Taco Bell's Web site plays on the dieting obsession and adopts a campy tone. In it, three people strain to fit into their clothes. The host demonstrates how one of (1 week ago)

Drive-Thru Nutrition | Education World

Using the information at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center's Drive-Thru Diet, create a healthful menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restaurants listed. The food should be items you'll eat, but the total should not exceed 2,000 calories or the daily recommended allowance for fat. (6 days ago)

Lose Weight -- in the Drive-Thru?

First, Ashton took on the new Fresco Meals/Drive-Thru Diet line from Taco Bell. These seven new burrito and taco items, Ashton said, range from 150 to 340 calories, with nine grams or less of fat. (9 years ago)

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