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Managing Debt | USAA

Learn some simple steps to help manage your debt and protect yourself from theft and fraud. (1 week ago)

Avoiding Debt: Credit Card Do's and Don'ts

Learn more about credit cards, debts, bankruptcy, debt priority, secured and unsecured debts, and other legal issues at FindLaw.com. (5 days ago)

Cost of Credit

Paying off your credit card balance late can increase interest and unexpected costs. Learn how much more you might pay on purchases due to the cost of credit. (4 days ago)

Disputing Debt

Disputing Debt. Our goal at Credit Management is to collect valid debts from consumers that are able to pay them. Despite our best efforts to prevent it, however, there will always be situations in which consumers feel they are being contacted about an invalid account or balance. (3 days ago)


Texas PUC's Anderson Raises Concerns Regarding Sempra Debt, Credit Ratings, In Oncor Transaction Asks How Oncor Will Be "Insulated" From Attempts By Calif. Lawmakers To Influence Oncor Policies, Practices (4 days ago)

Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network - Tax Help, Debt, Consolidate Debt, Credit Repair. Debt is difficult to deal with and hard to ignore. Tax Defense Network can help you get relief from all types of IRS and state tax problems, from liens to wage garnishments. (2 days ago)

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Front Page | School of Economics

Welcome to the School of Economics. The School of Economics at Georgia Tech provides a crucial link for solving the complex challenges facing our world. (3 days ago)

How to Report Bad Debt to the Credit Bureau | Chron.com

Small businesses have several option when it comes to reporting delinquent accounts by reporting them directly, or indirectly, to a major credit bureau. (10 months ago)

Chase Slate Review: One Great Get-Out-of- Card

Using a credit card to deal with crushing debt might seem odd, but that?s what the Chase Slate credit card offers. The no-cost card has free balance transfers for a limited time and a long 0% period ? a valuable combination for alleviating the stress of debt. (3 years ago)

Definition of Debt

the state of owing something especially money; money or goods or services owed by one person to another; an obligation to pay or do something

Definition of Credit

approval; money available for a client to borrow; an accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items; used in the phrase to your in order to indicate an achievement deserving praise; arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services; recognition by a college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed typically measured in semester hours; a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage; an entry on a list of persons who contributed to a film or written work; an estimate based on previous dealings of a person s or an organization s ability to fulfill their financial commitments give someone for something; ascribe an achievement to; accounting enter as; have trust in trust in the truth or veracity of