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Virus alert about the Win32/ worm

If the computer is infected with the Win32/ virus, a random service name will be listed. Note With Win32/.B, the service name was random letters and was at the bottom of the list. With later variants, the service name may be anywhere in the list and may seem to be more legitimate. (3 days ago)

What is ?

What is ? Conficker is a fast-spreading worm that targets a vulnerability (MS08-067) in Windows operating systems. Also known as Downadup, Conficker was discovered in November 2008. Since that time, Conficker has infected millions of computers and established the infrastructure for a botnet. (3 days ago)


is now parading as an anti-virus program called Spyware Protect 2009. The worm takes users to a fake secuirty Web site, asks them to pay $50 for a spyware program that actually is the (3 days ago)

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, also known as Downadup, CONFLICKER or Kido, is a worm on Microsoft Windows that gained a great deal of media attention in early Spring of 2009, that could have originated from either Ukraine or China. In late March 2009, it was grossly hyped by the media, who said it would deliver (3 days ago)

or Downadup Removal Report

, also known as W32/.worm, Win32/.A, W32.Downadup, Downadup and Kido, is a worm that exploits flaws found in Windows MS08-067 (6 days ago)

worm still infects millions of machines despite

Nearly a decade after it first burst across the world, the worm remains one of the internet?s most prevalent malware threats, according to research by the security firm Trend Micro. , also known as Downad, was first spotted in 2008 when it infected as many as 15 million machines. Experts saw it as one of the worst and most sophisticated cybersecurity crises to date. (1 week ago)

How to remove the Downadup and worm (Uninstall

The Downadup, or , infection is a worm that predominantly spreads via exploiting the MS08-067 Windows vulnerability, but also includes the ability to infect other computers via network (4 days ago)