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At the party caucuses on Jan. 3, a straw vote is taken, and delegates to the county convention are selected. The results are not binding on elected delegates, but the delegates usually feel (18 hours ago)


We would like to show you a description here but the site won?t allow us. (6 days ago)

2016 Iowa Democratic caucuses

After initially refusing to review , Iowa Democratic Party officials did end up "making updates where discrepancies have been found." With "doubts about which Democratic candidate actually won the Iowa caucuses," there have been "fresh calls for the party to mirror the simple, secret-ballot method" the Republicans use. (1 week ago)

Minnesota Secretary Of State

2018 Gubernatorial Preference Ballot Results. The 2018 precinct caucuses were held on February 6, 2018. Caucus results for the gubernatorial preference ballot were provided to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State by political parties. (3 years ago)

Welcome to Jefferson County, New York

Contact Us Register to Vote Voting in Jefferson County Absentee Voting Wanted: Election Inspectors Jefferson County (NY) Poll Sites Campaign Finance Elected Officials, 2018 Offices to be Filled 2019 Petition Signature Requirements, 2019 Petitions Received & , 2019 Sample Ballots, 2019 Election Results, 2010 - Present (5 days ago)

Iowa caucuses

Starting in 2016, have become binding when selecting delegates. Acting in accordance with a mandate from the Republican National Committee, the delegates are bound on the first ballot to vote for candidates in proportion to the votes cast for each candidate at the caucus sites. (1 week ago)

What Are Caucuses and How Do They Work?

Depending on the state, delegates are divided based on the , and sent to the national party convention to vote for their candidate on behalf of their state. Some states have (3 years ago)

Cary Kennedy wins 2018 Colorado caucus vote

Democratic . The preliminary results provided by the Colorado Democratic Party reflect 96 percent of more than 3,000 precincts reporting. Hover over county for details. (1 year ago)


Drug control : U.S. nonmilitary assistance to Colombia is beginning to show intended results, but programs are not readily sustainable : report to the Honorable Charles E. Grassley, Chairman, Caucus on International Narcotics Control, U.S. Senate (5 days ago)

Iowa Caucus 2016: Election Results

Entrance and exit polls are representative samples of voters taken before they enter (entrance poll, used for caucuses) or after they leave (exit poll, used for primaries) their voting place. (7 days ago)

Definition of Caucus

a closed political meeting meet to select a candidate or promote a policy