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Powered by imdb. was born on March 19, 1986 in Warren, Ohio, USA as Casey Marie Anthony. See full bio on IMDb » (1 month ago)

Death of Caylee Anthony

Disappearance. According to 's father, George Anthony, Casey left the family's home on June 16, 2008, taking her daughter Caylee (who was almost three years old) with her, and did not return for 31 days. Casey's mother Cindy asked repeatedly during the month to see Caylee, but Casey claimed that she was too busy with a work assignment in Tampa, Florida. (1 week ago)

: Inside Her Life Five Years After Acquittal

It was five years ago this month that walked out the doors of Florida?s Orange County jail a free woman. Once outside, Anthony was immediately greeted by hundreds of protestors (2 years ago)

Trial Fast Facts

Read CNN's Fast Facts on the trial of 2011 and find out about the young mother accused of killing her two-year-old daughter in 2008. (5 days ago)

not guilty of murder, other charges in

After less than 11 hours of deliberation, a jury Tuesday found not guilty of first-degree murder and the other most serious charges against her in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old (6 days ago)

Timeline of the case

2008. June 9, 2008 ? and her daughter, Caylee, move out of Casey's parents, Cindy and George Anthony's home, and in with her ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, and friend, Amy Huizenga. (6 days ago)

Amazon.com: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting

Jeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team in the Florida homicide trial of , the single mother accused of murdering her little girl, Caylee. (3 weeks ago)

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WESH 2 News is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Visit Orlando's most reliable source for breaking news. (5 days ago)


Rob Lowe stars as Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton in this riveting, true-life drama based on the infamous murder trial that shocked and enraged the American public. (1 week ago)

Definition of Anthony

Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars repudiated his wife for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra they were defeated by Octavian at Actium 30 BC; United States suffragist 1906