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Whereas the avant-garde has a significant history in 20th-century music, it is more pronounced in theatre and performance art, and often in conjunction with music and sound design innovations, as well as developments in visual media design. (5 days ago)

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Avant-garde definition is - an intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts. How to use avant-garde in a sentence. (5 days ago)

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The avant-garde générale, avant-garde stratégique, or avant-garde d'armée is a strong force (one, two, or three army corps) pushed out a day's march to the front, immediately behind the cavalry screen. Its mission is, vigorously to engage the enemy wherever he is found, and, by binding him, to ensure liberty of action in time and space for (5 days ago)


Define avant-garde. avant-garde synonyms, avant-garde pronunciation, avant-garde translation, English dictionary definition of avant-garde. n. A group that creates or promotes innovative ideas or techniques in a given field, especially in the arts. adj. Of, relating to, or being part of an (5 days ago)

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Avant-garde Contract ABOUT US. A passion for design and a commitment to service excellence. These values formed the cornerstones of our family owned and operated business when we opened our doors in 1972. These values are also the reason Master Fabrics inc. is an industry leader today. (6 days ago)

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Explore ITC Gothic designed by Herb Lubalin, Tom Carnase at Adobe Fonts. A sans serif typeface with 3 styles, available from Adobe Fonts for sync and web use. Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are. (5 days ago)

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Other articles where Avant-garde is discussed: United States: Cultural life: ?had seen an influx of avant-garde artists escaping Adolf Hitler?s Europe, including the painters Max Ernst, Piet Mondrian, and Joan Miró, as well as the composer Igor Stravinsky. They imported many of the ideals of the European avant-garde, particularly the belief that art should always be difficult and ?ahead (5 days ago)

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Avant-garde music is music that is considered to be at the forefront of experimentation or innovation in its field, with the term "avant-garde" implying a critique of existing aesthetic conventions, rejection of the status quo in favor of unique or original elements, and the idea of deliberately challenging or alienating audiences. (5 days ago)

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ITC Gothic is a font family based on the logo font used in the magazine. Herb Lubalin devised the logo concept and its companion headline typeface, then he and Tom Carnase, a partner in Lubalin?s design firm, worked together to transform the idea into a full-fledged typeface. (4 days ago)

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understands the level of attention to detail that should be required from everyone in this industry. As a result of our unique manufacturing abilities, is able to produce vehicle specific fitments designed to fit each application as aggressively as possible without compromising on style. (5 days ago)