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When and What Is the September Equinox?

The September equinox is around September 22-24 and night and day are nearly the same. Fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. (5 days ago)


The is at ecliptic longitude 180° and at right ascension 12h. The upper culmination of the vernal point is considered the start of the sidereal day for the observer. The hour angle of the vernal point is, by definition, the observer's sidereal time . (5 days ago)

2018: The First Day of Fall | Facts

What is the ? Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor.?Irish proverb The autumnal equinox?also called the September or fall equinox?is the astronomical start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere.. Why is it called an equinox?The word comes from the Latin aequus, meaning ?equal? and nox, meaning ?night.? (1 week ago)

? Fall Equinox

? Fall Equinox. Equinoxes are opposite on either side of the equator, so the autumnal (fall) equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the spring (vernal) equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. (1 week ago)

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?the full moon nearest the (about September 23). Near the time of the , the angle of the moon?s orbit relative to the Earth?s horizon is at its minimum, causing the full moon to rise above the horizon much faster than usual. (6 days ago)

12 things to know about the September equinox | TreeHugger

The happens the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator, which is an imaginary line in the sky that corresponds to Earth?s equator. (3 years ago)

Why the Doesn't Fall on the Same Day

The last time the fell on Sept. 21 was over a thousand years ago, and the last Sept. 24 equinox was in 1931, according to timeanddate.com.While it's been a long time since the (3 weeks ago)

Definition of Autumnal

of or characteristic of or occurring in autumn characteristic of late maturity verging on decline

Definition of Equinox

either of two times of the year when the sun crosses the plane of the earth s equator and day and night are of equal length; astronomy either of the two celestial points at which the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic