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Easter Pranks to Play on April Fools Day!

Y?all? This year Easter is on April Fools Day and that means we can combine pranks with Easter. I love pranking our kids and it?s always harmless fun. With Easter being on April Fools Day this year I am starting early on putting together my list of Easter pranks for the kids. (4 days ago)

List of Google Easter eggs

The technology giant Google "prides itself on being a playful company" and has added Easter eggs and April Fools' Day jokes and hoaxes into many of its products and services, such as Google Search, YouTube, and Android since at least 2000. (3 weeks ago)

19 April Fools' Day Pranks You Can Easily Make Yourself

It's Nicolas Cage!!! This is v. mean because it is not real life, but maybe one day your incredibly disappointed prank-ee will forgive you. (6 days ago)

31 Awesome April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally

Parents 31 Awesome April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to act like one. (1 week ago)

April Fools' Day 2018: The Best and Funniest Pranks | Time

TIME is keeping track of the best 2018 April Fools' Day pranks and jokes from around the web, including ones by Google, Lexus and more. (5 months ago)

Why you?re bad at fact-checking those April Fools? Day

Our brains let false information through all the time, even when we know better. (5 months ago)

The best April Fools' Day pranks in history | Deseret News

A look at some of the most effective, ingenious and over-the-top April Fools' pranks committed over the last 300-plus years. (1 year ago)

April Fool's Day: Best, Funniest Pranks of 2017 | Time

The best, funniest April Fools Day 2017 pranks on the web ? check out everything from fake foods to Google's pretend apps (1 year ago)

Ultimate April Fools? Day pranks? | Explore | Awesome

There?s nothing like pulling that perfect April Fools? Day joke on someone. Here are a few of the all-time best from years past. (2 decades ago)

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