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(2018) ? KicksOnFire.com

The is one of the most iconic sneakers in the world. It returns December 8th. Find out where you can buy a pair here. (3 weeks ago)

Jordan 11 ?Concord?. Nike.com

Worthy of status as 'The Grail,' the Jordan 11 'Concord' features signature black patent leather and is one of the most coveted designs in sneaker history. (5 days ago)

2018 Release Date

The with 45 on the heels will release in December 2018. This 2018 Retro will be remastered like the Space Jam. (2 years ago)

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2018 Release Date | SneakerFiles

The Air Jordan 11 ?Concord? is expected to return during the Holiday 2018 season. Returning in remastered form, they are rumored to have a higher cut patent leather. We have seen the Concord Air Jordan 11 release three times while 2018 will make it the fourth. Originally released during 1995, we saw the first retro release take place in 2000.We also saw a similar pair release in 2006 part (6 days ago)

Official Jordan 11 concord

Official Jordan 11 concord - Air Jordan - 378037 107 - white/black-dark concord,At the time of writing, the ?Concord? Air Jordan 11 2018 will release at select Jordan Brand retailers including online on December 8th, 2018. (6 days ago)

'White & Black' Release Date. Nike

Explore and buy the 'White & Black'. Stay a step ahead of the latest sneaker launches and drops. (4 days ago)

The Air Jordan 11 ?Concord? Is Releasing As A Golf Shoe

The much-lauded ?Concord? colorway of the Air Jordan 11 is ready to move from the hardwood to the green as we get a first look at this prized Jordan shoe in golf form. We first saw a version (5 days ago)

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The was worn by the man himself in the 1995 semi finals. The sneaker cost Nike and Jordan $5,000 per game. The sneaker?s black and white scheme didn?t coincide with the Bulls? black sneakers. (6 days ago)

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