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This order is based on the official 2011 NFL Draft Order. Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn This selection is pretty much locked in. No, the Panthers haven't announced whom they are going to take, but Adam Schefter reported Wednesday afternoon that Jerry Richardson "loves" Cam Newton. That pretty much seals the deal. (4 days ago)

| NFL Mock Draft | 2011 NFL Draft

. The NFL draft is here. We've re-adjust our 2nd round mock draft, taking into considerations results from Day 1 of the NFL draft and new information. The 2011 NFL Draft Order is based on the standings after the Super Bowl, with traded picks included. (2 weeks ago)

: Final Projection Before Thursday's

In the final of the draft season from SBNation.com, four quarterbacks and 13 defensive linemen are selected in the first round. (8 years ago)

: Complete NFL Draft 1st and 2nd Round

: Complete NFL Draft 1st and 2nd Round Predictions. 0 of 64. Christian Petersen/Getty Images. The NFL Draft order is officially set, we are a couple of weeks away from the NFL (8 years ago)

: Mel Kiper projects three full rounds

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Peter King: | SI.com

News from around the web. (2 weeks ago)

: Round One

By: Robert Davis | Updated: 4/28. Round One | Round Two. Carolina - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn The bust potential is there, but so is the ability to re-define the QB position. For a team needing a lot of help, grabbing the biggest game changer may be the best move. (4 weeks ago)

2019 NFL Mock Draft

*** 2019 NFL MOCK DRAFT (6 rounds) updated March 13. This mock draft will be updated occasionally. Check out old versions of this 2019 NFL Mock Draft in the archived mock section. (UPDATED 4/28): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7 (5 days ago)

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